Environmentally Friendly Home Insulation

Maintain year-round comfort in your home or business with environmentally friendly home insulation from True Blue Solar Shield. Our innovative product provides your structure with the ultimate barrier from the elements, making it easier for you to create a climate-controlled environment.

Update Your Insulation

Wrap yourself in itch-free, non-toxic insulation

Use our Eco-friendly product to cool your attic in the summer and keep it warmer in the winter. Because it's 100% recycled cotton, it never loses its density and it has a 40% better R-Value than fiberglass, which makes it more efficient than fiberglass. In addition True Blue Solar Shield has acoustical qualities that will keep your home or business quieter.

The True Blue Solar Shield has a reflective aluminum solar shield to reflect the sun and heat. This construction allows it to keep your home or business cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Enjoy added structure safety with our insulation because it's also fire retardant. It doesn't contain toxic chemicals or fiberglass, so it won't cause itching. Our Eco-friendly insulation has the features that make it the ideal alternative to traditional insulation.

Earth Friendly, Green Energy Insulation

Building green doesn't just mean building energy-efficient homes; it also means using materials and designs that have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Insulation made from cotton is an ideal solution as cotton is an abundantly renewable energy source that can be replanted and harvested annually in a sustainable manner. In addition, most of the cotton that does into insulation comes from shredded denim scraps discarded by denim manufacturers, meaning that the insulation comes from renewable and recycled sources.

A Superior Radiant Barrier Insulation

Here are some key specs on what makes True Blue Solar Shield a superior insulation:

  • Thermal acoustical reflective insulation.
  • Made of a minimum 85% post-industrial recycled cotton.
  • System R value of R-16 with reflective metallic insulation (aluminum) on one side.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings show True Blue Solar Shield is unmatched in sound attenuation properties. Superior sound and noise insulation than traditional insulation like fiberglass and cellulose, reducing noise pollution.
  • Contains no OSHA cancer warning, formaldehyde, glass fibers, or other chemicals identified with increased health concerns.
  • Isn't itchy to the touch like fiberglass insulation.
  • A proprietary two-stage process infuses dry and liquid fire retardants, such as borate, providing permanent flame resistance.
  • Retains shape and springs back after compression, unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, to retain R value and reflective properties.
  • Reduces air movement and thus the "stack" effect in your attic.
  • Passed ASTM C-739 tests for odor emission and fungi growth.
  • It also carries a Class 1 fire rating as tested by ASTM E-84 and passes all moisture tests



True Blue Solar Shield unlocks your potential for energy savings

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