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Quick, Easy Installation

Trure Blue Solar Shield is quickly installed in your home by local, trained professional that have the expertise and training needed to help you save energy today.

Stop Wasting Money

Excessive cooling and heating costs are commonplace for many homes as heat transference readily takes place through attics, even when insulated to current building codes.

Reflect Solar Heat

Our premium attic insulation reflects up to 97% of solar radiation by utilizing a foil-based layer that repels the solar energy that heats your home's attic.

Earth Friendly Materials

Our solar shield radient barrier attic insulation is made, in part, from recycled cotten fibers.

Stay Cool In The Summer

The foil face on True Blue's Solar Shield provides a radiant barrier for the solar energy of the sun, helping to keep your house cool in the summer.

Stay Warm In Winter

True Blue Solar Shield's attic insulation incorporates a cotton insulative backing that traps your warming heat during the winter.

Radiant Barrier Energy Savings

One side of our trademark design incorporates a reflective foil (radiant barrier) layer that reflects summer heat, minimizing the solar radiation that enters and heats your attic.

The other side of our insultation utilizes a recycled cotton fiber blend that helps trap winter warmth in your attic, keeping your house warmer by limiting your energy loss.

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  • Save 30% or more off of your energy costs
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True Blue Solar Shield is installed quickly by trained, experienced professionals in your local area. Improve your home or structure with the most sustainable, environmentally friendly home insulationmade from recycled cotton.The best insulation for your home. Not only saves you money and makes your home more comfortable but it's acoustical qualities makes your home quieter.

You truly go green when you add True Blue Solar Shield innovative insulation to your home or business. That's because True Blue Solar Shield is easier and safer to produce than traditional insulation. It is naturally reflective, plus the cotton added to the radient barrier foil acts as an additional thermal barrier. Ask your local dealer for a demonstration in your home.

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